When care is the best medicine


No matter how much we humans strive to individually manage any life situation, we can not change the fact that we are dependent on each other. Especially in the periods of our lives where we are affected by health challenges.

At Private Nurse, one of our basic views is that all people are equally important. With or without dementia.

Supporting a family living with dementia as part of their everyday life, in their own home, requires trust. And not least that we put ourselves in the place of our dementia-affected client. We believe that being able to put oneself in another person’s place is the starting point for being able to provide professional care. And we believe that care is the only path to recovery and joy of life for our clients.

Becoming demented can challenge the whole family, and it therefore requires skilled and experienced nurses to provide care, practical help and care at home.

At Private Nurse, we know from experience that if our focus is on strengthening and supporting the existing skills of the person with dementia, we will this way stimulate their senses, which in turn creates peace, – For the whole family.

At Private Nurse, we believe that care, presence and physical activity from experienced nurses to people with dementia increase the quality of life and the joy of life.

We believe that care is the best medicine.

When care is the best medicine

At Private Nurse, we lean on the Dagmarsminde model and know that it is crucial that our nurses constantly think creatively when they support a demented person, for them to have a better and more meaningful everyday life. We know that the road is paved with physical training, mental training, patience, fixed frameworks, repetitions and routines. Including a stimulating approach that can motivate the demented person to perform practical everyday tasks. And there are always real tasks that have a real meaning for a person with dementia.

Our nurses have a caring and present approach, and are constantly exploring what they can do better, so that our clients with dementia become even more satisfied with life, gain greater self-confidence, can do more things themselves and achieve a sense of quality of life.

Private Nurses provide care and support our patients on their path to a better life.

Some people with dementia may receive too much medication.

At one of Denmark’s best nursing homes, they have very good experiences of step by step decreasing their dementia patients’ prescribed, sedative and antipsychotic medication. This is because in many places it has become more of a routine than a real documented need for the client to take all this medication.

Sedatives have the effect of making you feel indifferent to everything. Life becomes meaningless and many experience that their demented family member becomes confused, aggressive, frustrated and restless. This often causes antipsychotics to be prescribed that have side effects such as musculoskeletal disorders and dizziness. In addition, a little sleeping medicine is prescribed which means that the person with dementia sleeps during the day and is awake at night. Medication combined with a lack of meaningful activities disrupts the circadian rhythm.

Without medication, many people experience that their demented family member becomes “themselves” again with all the natural reactions that come with this condition. Coherence arises in their experiences, which creates a basis for us as professionals to help the patient develop and regain skills.

With a so-called demedication, the appetite returns – to life and to food. From here, the nurse can sharpen all the senses of the dementia patient with fragrant and pleasant care. Shared breakfast and cooking that sharpens all the senses. Activities during the day that suit the life that the person with dementia has lived until now. Movement, gymnastics, word games, number training, walks, reading and conversations.

The healthy spouse gets his wife/husband back and together they feel, when care is the best medicine.

The everyday for a person with dementia

What a joy it is to start a quiet morning with pleasant personal care followed by a fragrant and freshly set breakfast table.

We fill the day with meaningful and genuine activities that fit the life the dementia sufferer has lived until now. Later in the day, lunch is prepared together and it sharpens all the senses and makes you want to eat. We read and look at pictures and together we try to refresh old memories and sense the recognizable in everything the new day brings.

Exercise, conversation, care and cooking

Meaningful and authentic activities

Movement, gymnastics, numbers training and reading

Relief of spouse

  Competent and caring support from an experienced nurse

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