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The day you carry your newborn child in your arms, a whole new world opens up for you. This can feel very overwhelming for new parents, and for that reason, you may need some stillness, rest, time and presence of experienced maternity nurses.

At Private Nurse, we can help you with just what your new family needs. Our experienced maternity nurses can be with you before, during and after the birth, or possibly just a few hours at a time. Some clients bring us along to the delivery room. Some make use of our help once they get to the postnatal ward. Others need us to move in with them, to help them adapt to their settings at home again.

No task is insignificant, no task is too demanding. Here are some examples of what our maternity nurses can potentially be of help with:

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Maternity care

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Guidance for breastfeeding

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Motor function, sleep, circadian rhythm

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Care after caesarean section 

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The child’s development

At the hospital

There are many family structures and constellations. More women are choosing to become pregnant with the help of a donor and may therefore wish to have a professional relative with them before, during and after the birth.

There may also be women who have violent experiences from previous births and therefore need a professional caregiver at their side throughout the birth and the day after.

Private Nurse has extensive experience both from our own years as employees at various birthplaces and maternity wards in the country, but also from places of a more private and professional nature.

We listen to your story, after which we tailor a course that supports whatever wishes and needs you may have.

Our most important task is to make you feel safe and support you in your wishes, so that you will always remember your child’s birth with joy and good memories.

Arriving at your home

When you come home from the hospital, a big task awaits you. Many new parents have not previously carried an infant in their hands and are therefore not always ready for the task.

The questions are many and they arise on an ongoing basis. In the good old days, mother and child were hospitalized for up to fourteen days in the maternity ward. This time was spent establishing breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, training the mother in general infant care, observing any ruptures/caesareans, etc.

Today, the mother and child are sent home on the same day as the birth took place. Some are offered extra nights.

It can feel overwhelming to come home, tired after a hard birth and with a little new one where the milk has not yet run out.

We experience that a number of new parents are unsure of several things such as;

What do you do when baby cries? How to get the baby to eat, how to puzzle, how and how much/little should the baby be dressed in. Does the baby sleep too little/too much, and what about the umbilical stump?

Maybe you did not sleep well during pregnancy. Now the baby or babies have come into the world and are awake at all the times when you need to sleep.

With experienced maternity nurses from Private nurse, you ensure that you have all the help and support available from a few hours a day to around the clock the first time of your new life as a parent.

We are with you and ready to show, guide, support and motivate. And we are the extra hands you could need, so you can pull yourself away for a few hours and get some sleep until you have to sit with your little one in your arms again.

Around the clock care

Experienced maternity nurses affiliated with Private Nurse can, if necessary, move in with you and be with you day and night for the initial time.

Depending on how many days or weeks you need help and support, you will be assigned a permanent team of 2-4 nurses. If you contact us before the due date, we can put together a team that fits your little family best.

Of course, we also step in at short notice if, after returning from the maternity ward, you experience that things are getting worse and that you need support and help from caring and experienced maternity nurses.

Private Nurse is happy to help tailor a maternity plan for you. And always under full discretion.

Our most noble task is to offer you maternity care that can support, motivate, relieve and take care of you, so that you all get off to a safe and good start in your new role as parents.

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