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Physical activity has a positive impact on several biological processes. Therefore, physical activity is, without comparison, the best remedy for health challenges, whether these are of a physical or mental nature.

Whether you have just had surgery, have been through a long hospitalization process or have been mentally challenged, research and experience show that fresh air and daily exercise provide better sleep, loosen muscle tension, contribute to a better self-esteem and more.

At Private Nurse, our goal is not to train our clients to run a marathon, No we train for what is much more important: To achieve well-being, maintain muscle mass, regain confidence and achieve a natural fatigue.

At Private Nurse, the daily training and rehabilitation is part of our care treatment.

That is why we aim to motivate our clients to get out into the fresh air every day, walk, be wheeled in a wheelchair, look at the beautiful gardens and the people around us.

In addition, we motivate our clients for daily joint workouts with the nurse. The training consists of strength training, coordination training and sensory training. The training can also follow a specific rehabilitation plan that our client has been discharged from the hospital with.

The muscle training often takes place with elastics, weights or exercises with your own body weight.

The coordination training takes place by us training the coordination of arms and legs, while the client has to tell us a short story or something that requires cognitive concentration.

The sensory training takes place by putting on some calm music in the background, all the while we ask the client to pat their legs, arms and face to get a feel for their different body parts. We can also put natural sounds on the music system and ask the client to close their eyes while they tell what they hear.

Sometimes we get help from a physiotherapist to show us some new exercises, but most often we are inventive and come up with exercises where we swing our arms, stretch our necks, stomp on the floor and throw a ball.

Not all clients are positive about having to exercise. Fortunately, our clients quickly experience how the training makes them happier and stronger and that the natural fatigue has the positive side effect that they no longer need sleeping pills for the night.

The daily training also involves giving our client support for self-help, e.g. that the client must bend down to lace up the shoes, dress themself, comb their hair, set the breakfast table, etc.

Supporting the client in this self-help training often gives increased self-esteem and the belief that the client can perform a lot of small chores in their everyday life.

Rehabilitation post surgery/hospitalization

Our outbound physiotherapists from Private nurse offer help with rehabilitation after you have had surgery.

After recent surgery, you will often be sent home with a rehabilitation plan 1-2 days after your surgery. You will then be offered rehabilitation at a municipal rehabilitation center in your home municipality.

Private Nurse’s dedicated physiotherapists come to you the same day you are discharged.

Together, you review the already handed out rehabilitation plan, and/or prepare a new one. In addition, you agree on the times your physiotherapist should come and train with you.

Many clients need help training daily for the first few weeks. Then a few times a week.

All training takes place with an authorized physiotherapist at your home, in your familiar and safe environment. We think this is the very best, because your training will be as relevant and optimal as possible for you and your everyday life.

Support for everyday life

After surgery, many may be in doubt about what to do when they return home from the hospital. This can create insecurity, just as being alone can feel insecure.

Nurses from Private Nurse help you shower and normal hygiene, advice and guidance about food and possibly cooking.

Nurses from Private Nurse support you in the rehabilitation plan that you bring from the discharge, or we prepare one in close collaboration with one of our skilled physiotherapists.

You may need to have a nurse with you around the clock or at night when you are completely alone. You may also need help with all the small everyday tasks that are a little more challenging due to your reduced mobility in the first days after you have had surgery.

Private Nurse helps you and together we tailor a rehabilitation program that gives you the help you need in your new everyday life.

Wound care and suture removal

It can be difficult to be home after an operation. Some patients experience pain and feel insecure about what they should take of painkillers, whether they bleed too much etc.

Private Nurse is helpful in planning your return and we are with you to the extent you may need it. We can visit you the same day you come home from the hospital and we are also happy to assist you during your discharge. This way we become your extra ears, so you make sure to get all the important information with you.

The first 24 hours after a asurgery, you may be challenged and have difficulty coping with daily routines such as bathing, cooking etc. For this, we make a permanent nurse available to you.

After the first 24 hours, many patients find that they are more comfortable being alone. Your private nurse will then visit you to the extent you need.

After a few weeks you will need to have stitches/clips/staples removed. We make sure to do this at your own home, saving you a time-consuming trip to the hospital or your own doctor.

Private Nurse cleans, washes, cares for and changes dressings. We help you with advice and guidance about mobilization and pain treatment. If you need us to be with you for the first 24 hours so you are not alone, this is also an option.

Together, we tailor your care process and adapt it on an ongoing basis, should your needs change.

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