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At Private Nurse, all care processes are individual and tailored to the client’s individual care needs.

Unless otherwise agreed, any cancellation must be notified at least 24 hours before agreed care. Otherwise, Private nurse reserves the right to invoice the full amount for the agreed care.

There are fixed prices for nursing services, 24-hour care, terminal care and assistance abroad. As a base, it is calculated per started hour. Contact us for more information.

In addition to the actual nursing service, there will be a separate invoice for documented mileage allowance according to the state’s tariffs for driving more than 10 km. In addition, consumption of any nursing equipment and articles.

Healthcare services are all exempt from VAT.

In the event of an emergency call, double fare is invoiced around the clock. For special tasks, any other prices are decided through prior agreement between Private nurse and the customer.

Subsidy from insurance- and pension companies

We encourage customers, in special cases to investigate the possibility of possible subsidies from partly Sygesikring Danmark, partly insurance and pension companies, i.a. related to health insurance

Private Nurse can inform that Sygesikring Danmark, in the case of terminal care, provides an amount of approx. DKK 12,000. In order to receive this benefit, various statements must be obtained from a doctor/hospital. Private nurse is happy to help provide these. In all cases, we recommend customers and/or relatives to contact the relevant organizations for further information.

Patient confidentiality and record keeping

In order to ensure patient safety and continuity in the care, it is a legal requirement in Denmark that healthcare professionals keep a medical record.

On the Danish Agency for Patient Safety’s website, you will find the executive order on established rules for health professional documentation.

At Private Nurse, our care and nursing is documented in our medical record system, developed for systematic collection of the nursing staff’s efforts and workflows.

This data is stored for 5 years in accordance with legislation in the field. Our nursing documentation takes place within the planned time frame and is therefore included in the price per hour.

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