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“After our father’s death, it was difficult for our mother to be alone a lot and we could not ourselves cover visiting her every day. Therefore, it was good support that Private Nurse with very short notice was able to help with 2-3 weekly visits with our mother for a couple of months.

Cozy visits with talks and little walks contributed to gradually helping her through the initial difficult time.

Gitte, daughter of client in Holte

“Dear Private Nurse and the entire team

Thank you very much for stepping in during an urgent and very critical situation for my mother and our entire family. Your professionalism and care were fantastic and very competent.

The warmest recommendations from here.”. 


“In connection with several difficult complications, after my mother had hip surgery, we were assigned Johanne as a private nurse. Johanne got control of the extensive medication and not least pain relief, and my mother gained trust in Johanne already after the first visit.

The professional help that Johanne has provided, her care and generally sympathetic being, has meant very much to my mother and the rest of the family in a difficult time. Thank you so much for you, Johanne.”


“We, my sisters and I, urgently needed extra hands for our parents in a nursing home in relation to our 83-year old mother becoming seriously ill. After a very critical week in hospital where we were sure we were going to lose her, she was returned to the care center, where the conditions in no way were ideal for a close to terminal patient, who at the same time was living with her husband with dementia. We found ourselves needing to get extra help for care and chose Private Nurse. Their efforts were worth their weight in gold. The two nurses that were carefully selected to take care of them, did a priceless difference. Deployed in critical areas of care, stabilizing and rehabilitation, effectively and in a caring manner in a professional and respectful cooperation with the permanent staff at the nursing home.

It made both our parents and the relatives feel completely differently safeduring a time where we didn’t know which way it would go, and where our own strength, energy and time didn’t suffice.

Flexibility, readiness, ingenuity and true commitment were absolutely decisive factors and have contributed to our mother’s critical state reversing. She got out of bed and is now walking around like before she was ill, with new courage for life.
So on behalf of the entire family, a huge thank you to Private Nurse for their crucial effort.

Heidi, daughter for client in Hillerød

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