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Private dementia care

Dementia care

No matter how much we humans strive to take care of ourselves in every situation in life, we cannot change the fact that we are dependent on each other. Especially during those periods of our lives when we face health challenges.

At Private Nurse, one of our core beliefs is that all people are equally important. With or without dementia. Supporting a family living with dementia and being part of their everyday life requires trust. And not least, that we put ourselves in the place of our client with dementia. We believe that being able to put yourself in another person's shoes is the starting point for providing professional care and private nursing.

It is our belief that caring is a big part of the road to recovery and joy of life for our clients. At Private Nurse, we know from experience that if our focus is on strengthening and supporting the dementia affected person's existing skills, we will in this way stimulate their senses, which in turn creates peace for the whole family. At Private Nurse, we believe that care, presence and physical activity from experienced nurses for people with dementia increases the quality and joy of life. We believe that care is the best medicine.

We take care of people

When caring is the best medicine

At Private Nurse, we lean on the Dagmarsminde model and know that it is crucial that our nurses constantly think creatively when supporting a person with dementia in getting a better and more meaningful everyday life. We know that the road to this is paved with physical training, mental training, patience, a fixed framework, repetition and routines. Including a stimulating approach that can motivate the person with dementia to perform practical everyday tasks. And there are always genuine tasks that have a real meaning for a person with dementia. 

Our nurses take a caring and compassionate approach, constantly looking at what they can do better so that our clients with dementia can enjoy life even more, gain more confidence, do more things for themselves and achieve a greater sense of quality of life. Private Nurses provide care and support our clients on their path to a better life.

Private dementia care at home

Everyday life without medicines

Sedative medication has the effect of making you indifferent to everything. Life becomes meaningless and many people find that their family member with dementia becomes confused, aggressive, frustrated and agitated. This often leads to the prescription of antipsychotics, which have side effects such as musculoskeletal disturbances and dizziness. In addition, some sleeping medication is used to make the person with dementia sleep during the day and stay awake at night. Medication combined with a lack of meaningful activities disrupts the circadian rhythm.

Without medication, many people find that their family member with dementia becomes 'themselves' again, with all the natural reactions that come with this condition. A coherence emerges in their experiences, which creates a basis for us as professionals to help the client develop and regain skills.

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We take care of people

Off the medication

With so-called de-medication in collaboration with the doctor responsible for treatment, we often find that the person with dementia regains their appetite for life and hunger. This creates better conditions for the nurse to sharpen all the senses of the person with dementia. For example, with fragrant and pleasant care, a shared breakfast table and cooking. This together with meaningful activities during the day that fit in with the life the person with dementia has lived so far. Movement, gymnastics, word games, practice with numbers, walking, reading and talking. After some time of targeted and qualified work with a focus on sharpening the senses, many healthy spouses experience that they get their wife/husband back and together we feel when care is the best medicine.

Proximity dementia care
We take care of people

A meaningful everyday life

Who doesn't like to start a quiet morning with a warm bath followed by a fragrant breakfast? With the help of the Private Nurse, our nurses make sure to fill the client's days with meaningful and genuine activities that fit the life the person with dementia has lived until now.

Together, the client and private nurse might go for a short walk before lunch, finding a nice place in nature where they can feel the fresh air and smell the life around them. Later in the day, lunch is prepared together, which heightens all the senses and makes you want to eat. The client and private nurse read and look at pictures, and together they try to refresh old memories and sense the recognizable in all the new things the day brings.

Exercise, conversation, and cooking are meaningful and genuine activities, as can be natural movement, gymnastics, numerical training and reading aloud. With Private Nurse at home, it is also possible to relieve the burden on the healthy spouse with the help of our competent and caring nurses.

Private dementia care according to your needs

We've had good words to say

  • "Dear PrivateNurse and the whole team,

    Thank you very much for stepping in in an acute and very critical situation for my mother and for our whole family. Your professionalism and care/parish was amazing and very competent.

    Highest recommendations from here."

    - Frederik
  • "I can highly recommend Private Nurse, who at a few weeks' notice jumped in and helped us during a stressful illness with ALS, where we suddenly needed professional nursing assistance for my father. In such a stressful situation, it is important that communication is professional and controlled, and that the nurses are calm and competent. This was definitely the case with Private Nurse. We were always in close contact with their nurse coordinator and all the nurses who came to my father were skilled, responsible and empathetic. It gave us the peace of mind we needed in our final days. So my warmest recommendations from here. "

    - Daughter, Louise -
  • "In connection with various severe complications after my mother had hip surgery, we had Johanne assigned to us as a private nurse. Johanne managed the extensive medication and not least pain relief, and my mother gained confidence in Johanne already after the first visit. The professional help that Johanne has provided, her care and general sympathetic nature has meant a lot to my mother and the rest of the family during a difficult time. Thank you so much for you, Johanne."

    - Marc
  • "After our father's death, it was difficult for our mother to be alone a lot and we could not cover visits to her every day ourselves. Therefore, it was a great support that Private Nurse was able to help at very short notice with 2-3 weekly visits to our mother for a couple of months.

    Pleasant visits with chats and short walks helped to gradually help her through the first difficult time".

    - Gitte, daughter of client in Holte
  • "After our father's death, it was difficult for our mother to be alone a lot and we could not cover visits to her every day ourselves. Therefore, it was a great support that Private Nurse was able to help at very short notice with 2-3 weekly visits to our mother for a couple of months.

    Pleasant visits with chats and short walks helped to gradually help her through the first difficult time".

    - Gitte, daughter of client in Holte
  • "In 2022, I fell ill and was hospitalized. My son, who lives abroad, had been recommended to contact Johanne from Private Nurse, who came to see me at the hospital the same day. Here she and my children made sure that I could return home to my own house with private nursing and physiotherapists around the clock. I am convinced that if I had stayed in the hospital, I would never have come home again. ....

    With the help of intensive training, care, home cooking and intellectual companionship, I've gone from being virtually disabled to not just walking again, but walking WELL! I sleep at night because my days are filled with conversations, road trips and flavorful food.

    My nurses are not just nurses who come and go. They are kind, skilled, helpful, interesting and interested. They remember all my little habits and things that are important to me. Overall, having them with me means that my life is enriched with care. They make me feel like a whole person again, not just an old man.

    We talk a lot, converse. I think our conversations keep my head going. Because I've been surrounded by a lot of people all my life, including all my coworkers through my work. I retired at 92 and never had a problem until a year ago when I was hospitalized with an infection. My nurses from Private Nurse helped me get back to my life and because of them I am once again attending communions, bridge nights and other family gatherings. Last month I celebrated my 97th birthday with family from all over Europe.

    One of the things that has made me the happiest is that I feel that my nurses are telling the truth when they express their joy in coming to me. In fact, I feel it, that they like my company. I appreciate immensely all our conversations about climate change, the world and nowadays about the entry of robots into the political agenda, AI. You've almost become like family, besides all seven of my children and 32 grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

    - 97 year old client, Rungsted 2023 -
  • "When our father became terminally ill, he wanted to spend his last days at home and we struggled to get public assistance, but ran into long waits and summer vacations.

    Private Nurse and the entire team were our saviors! In just a few days, they set up absolutely amazing help and support with visits and care every day and were incredibly flexible in quickly adapting care as the disease progressed.

    Thanks to Private Nurse and the amazing and highly professional nurses, our father got the end of life he wanted."

    - Family in Nærum -